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ROSHI HOSS: My Non-Violence Story

This is my story. My story about how a person I love got struck by the worst imaginable. My words about how it has affected my loved ones and myself. My demand for us to fight together for a better future - without violence. For you, for me and for all future generations.

I hope that with this campaign we can highlight how important it is to work against violence.

What neither of us thought would happen, happened one night.

It's the worst thing I've been through in my whole life, and it didn’t even happen to me


It was devastating for all of us, seeing her, our ray of light, become so small because of another person.

If there’s something one can do, it is to take it seriously and listen.

Elly Pistol is donating a part of the profit from ”Fight fighters with flowers” to global Non-Violence’s approach to work with education in non-violence and conflict management. 





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