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DOTTER: My Non-Violence Story

This is my story. My experience of being exposed to violence. My words about how it has affected - and still affects me. Whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever background you come from. We must act and fight together for a better future.


They took more than what they got. They got a cracked mobile, an old second-hand bag, and some used makeup – no money

 I’m thinking, this is my final moment. I can’t breathe,I have a strong pressure over my neck, he’s going to break it. 

It’s a scar in your mind that you need to get rid of… you have to deal with it and make it heal. 


This kind of crime will always exist – as long as we don’t fight together to make it better.

Everyone needs to learn from the start how to act.

Elly Pistol is donating a part of the profit from ”Fight fighters with flowers” to global Non-Violence’s approach to work with education in non-violence and conflict management. 






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