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Terms and Conditions For Collaborating with Elly Pistol

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply for all collaborations between Elly Pistol and an individual (collaborator).

By agreeing to a collaboration with Elly Pistol you accept the terms and conditions on this page and agree that you will be solely responsible to carry any and all added fees out of the control of Elly Pistol. The terms and conditions on this page may change at any time without any notice or warning and are at the sole discretion of Elly Pistol.

Any and all collaboration packages sent by Elly Pistol to collaborators are to be considered as public relations (PR) material and may be used at the sole discretion of the collaborator.

Intellectual Property

By accepting items from Elly Pistol you agree that Elly Pistol may use, all images that you might take where portraying items from Elly Pistol in, but not limited to, brand marketing. This may include, but is not limited to, reposting of these images on Elly Pistol’s Instagram account, Facebook Page, blog, company website etc. You also agree that Elly Pistol is allowed to retouch or edit these images and publish retouched or otherwise edited versions, including originals, of these images.

Elly Pistol does NOT claim any intellectual property of images you might take with goods sent by Elly Pistol.

Uncollected Packages

Collaboration packages that are returned, for instance due to failure of pickup, will not be sent out again.

VAT and custom fees

Elly Pistol does not charge anything for the items and shipping fees that occur when sending out collaboration packages to you, but all applicable custom fees, taxes and duties that may be added by local customs and delivery services are the sole responsibility of the collaborator. Elly Pistol does not reimburse any such fees.


Elly Pistol reserves the right to cancel any packages and collaborations at any time without notice or cause.

Privacy Act

When you have agreed to collaborate with Elly Pistol, you agree that we store and use your shipping and contact information in our business to best be able to fully bring our commitments to you. We protect your personal data under the Privacy Act, and you have a right to access the data and to have these deleted if you so desire. Elly Pistol reserves the right to contact collaborators through email regarding, but not limited to, new releases, promotional campaigns etc.

These terms shall not be confused with the Terms of Sale that apply when shopping on 




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