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Fashion with a purpose


We are fashion with a purpose.

We make fashion equal to power.

We make collections that blow you away.

We make designs out of important statements.

And every single piece in our collections, is a tribute to the natural strength of every woman.


We are loud.

Even louder than our bombers. And we might even be too loud for some. But that’s OK, because we have a story to tell. A message to share. 

Our statement pieces are not just dope designs, they are actual statements for important, even crucial, messages.

We will never be unnoticed.

We will make the world listen to us.   

And you will make the world see our designs and powerful messages.


We kill with kindness.

We want you to feel strong, safe, powerful and heard everyday.

We want the world to be a good place for you.  

And we will fight and riot until we get there. 


So we tell you to grab your Pistol- Yeah we mean your Bomber.

And kill them with kindness. Love them to death. Anger solves nothing but love might. 


Elly Pistol was launched in Sweden early 2015 and is a high caliber street- and activewear online brand shipping worldwide. 

We have customers in more than 35 countries, and we owe our success to our edgy yet timeless bomber jackets that quickly gained lots of attention in social media back in the days.






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