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Co-ords: Schack it Hoodie + Can you tell Black + Mobilephone case

Co-ordinated sets, suits and matching kits are our safest bet when it comes to looking 100% fashion with 0 effort.

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Average rating 5/5 based on 5 reviews.
Good combination.
The size is smaaaallll, I’m an medium/large depending, and I ordered the pants in xl and shirt in L. The pants were very small.. The hoodie was ok but still a bit too small. I asked my small/medium friend to try them out and they were also almost to small for her! So I changed to the bigger size in both and they were pretty ok. Disappointed tho about the “free size change” since I still had to pay for the return? hmm not so free then🤔 Except for that I hope I can wear this set for a long time because of the price😝 The quality feels good and I hope it stays like that. It looks very Good on!

Answer by: Elly Pistol

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We will certainly check into this and change this as much as possible.! :)
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