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Got what it takes to work with us?


Customer Service Manager


We share things that we feel good in! 


Elly Pistol is a streetwear brand designing fashion worth sharing online.


Who we are? 

We are a fast-growing fashion start-up. A digital brand for the digital generation. Our customers live just as much online as they do offline.


Our Design is certain and loud, timeless yet current. We study what people share on Instagram, snap on Snapchat, pin on Pinterest and what is tagged by influencers all over social media and we use all of this when we create our collections.



What have we accomplished?


We launched Elly Pistol early 2015 and during these 3 years we have reached customers in over 35 countries and we have gotten lots of attention in social media.


We are growing fast and that is validated by the need of this position.



What are we looking for?


One of the interesting challenges for growth is when we realized we need a dedicated customer service Manager to take care of our customers’’ needs and to build our customer service department.


Someone our customers can rely on and trust with information, questions and feedback, and someone we can rely on to build us the best possible customer service possible.



How would a typical day look like?


Our customers reach out to us on Facebook, on our chat, through instagram, email and on the phone. They have tons of questions in different areas ranging from purchasing to sizing to returns/ exchanges, deliveries and feedback.


So your prime responsibility would be to engage with our awesome customers and help them with whatever they want help with.


The creative part of the position relies on your ability to understand the challenges of our customers that are hidden behind their questions and help us improve our service and system constantly. Why are they asking what they are asking? How can we improve our site and the way we communicate to make sure no questions arise?


That means you would always have to think one step ahead, analyzing, keeping track of and understanding what needs to be changed and how. That could mean, drafting FAQs, improving web content, simplifying onboarding and implementing automatic responses in our chat or through email.


Anything and everything to improve our user experience with Elly Pistol.



Why should you join us?


We are a super small dedicated team of 5 building a new-age fashion brand from scratch. If you’d love to see growth in person and entrepreneurship in action, join us and let us create something timeless together.




  1. Experience from customer service is a MUST, and if it is within e-commerce or fashion that is a big plus.
  2. Excellent communication skills in Swedish and English.
  3. The ability to understand what the best and most efficient way to reach out to and solve a customers’ need (knowing when to reply to a message or when to simply grab the phone and make a call)
  4. Proactive is a key skill because every 5th response to the same question should be analyzed and added to an FAQ and every 3rd complaint over a feature on an item should lead to a product improvement and so forth. Since you will be getting first-hand information from our customers, you will be extremely important in communicating and compiling feedback from our customers and understand feedback that might not be outspoken but hidden in questions or actions our customers take, so that we constantly improve everything we do.


You’ll have the opportunity to build and develop the customer service unit of Elly Pistol and you will have our team to support you on that journey.


We are constantly meeting with interesting candidates so if you think you got what it takes to be our customer service representative, apply today and we’ll get back to you right away.


If you have any questions feel free to ping us at: [email protected]


Looking forward!

Elly Pistol Team




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